Aug 162015

Hello, dearly listeners! It has been a fucking WHILE. I’ve been sitting on this episode for over a month; I’ll keep the explanation for an upcoming episode. Life has been a bit crazy this summer!

This episode features Rekon and Poet, talking with Brandon and Billy about a whole myriad of topics. We dig into a lot of GoT spoilers (and fan-theory), so be prepared. We answer a ton of questions, talk about Star Trek, cannabis law, dinosaurs, horror movies, weddings… Also, we (read: Brandon) spouts a ton of incorrect facts as though he is an educated person! Rekon also talks about Batman: Arkham Knight (spoiler talk in the stinger).

Game of Thrones Film Theory:

Colorado Weed Documentary:

Tune in next time for the LIVE Toronto: Unconventional show, with Charlie and the Uncon staff!

Thanks for listening. <3

Jul 062015

Hello listeners! This episode marks our long-awaited book-club discussion of the current Kingkiller series: Name of the Wind, Wise Man’s Fear, and Slow Regard of Silent Things. Brandon and Billy are joined by Pat and Data to have an eloquent, educated, and enlightened discourse about the books and the concepts within. We talk about our love and admiration for the prose, explain our theories about the future of the series and its mysteries, and gleefully reminisce about one of our favourite fantasy stories. It’s a long one, but damn it’s good content. We hope you enjoy!

Dresden Files audiobook
Name of the Wind audiobook
Finch’s Chimera IPA
Crit Juice
Thrilling Adventure Hour
Dead Authors Podcast
Rude Alchemy

Tune in next time for Poet and Rekon! No idea what we’re going to talk about, but it’ll probably be funny.

Thanks for listening.

Jun 242015

This episode, Rage joins Brandon and Billy to talk about Daredevil! All Daredevil, all the time. Vague spoilers, if you haven’t watched it already; but if that’s the case, seriously stop listening to this show and go watch Daredevil on Netflix.

Next episode is our Kingkiller retrospective, with Pat and Data! Look forward to it. Thanks for listening!

May 122015

Hey folks! Life’s been a bit busy here behind the scenes, so apologies for some of these delays and lack of releases. Hopefully this episode is worthy of the wait.

Roadblock joins Billy and Brandon to talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron! We don’t avoid spoilers, although they don’t start until about 28 minutes in. We also talk about Suicide Squad, Ant-Man, among other things. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening! Another episode should drop later this week.

MCU explained
Through the Earth