Apr 152015


What’s, ah, going on, internet?! It’s not like we haven’t seen each other in a while, or anything… So, in the most casual way possible, Poet, Billy, and Brandon discuss life, games, and other garbage!  new opportunities and beginnings as they cover all the ground that was missed over this recent absence.

(Poet’s image of old, angry Brandon)

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Feb 132015

In this episode, Pat and Poet join Brandon to discuss the HUGE Marvel news announced this week. We reminisce about our tenure on the Roosterteeth forums. We discuss our book club, as we prepare to read Name of the Wind, Wise Man’s Fear, and Slow Regard of Silent Things. Brandon announces the upcoming RMC: Saw with Charlie (though unsure whether he mentioned it before; at the very least, he explains the project more completely). Also, DAREDEVIL! Be sure to check out Pat’s band, The Rogue Diplomats,  and show the boys your support!

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Jan 312015

Yo. How’s the internet this week?

In this episode, Billy coughs a lot! We also talk about some breaking CBM news (What do you guys think about the F4 teaser? Let us know!), and compare the “look” with Man of Steel. Also, STAR WARS. We also briefly talk about capital punishment, because you know we know how to tread so lightly on politics… Oh, we talk about Airbender and Young Justice a bit, too!

Hey, how about a Retcast Book Club?! We encourage everyone to read Name of the Wind, Wise Man’s Fear, and Slow Regard of Silent Things by the end of March for an interactive discussion sometime in April.

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Jan 222015

Dac joins Brandon and Billy in this episode! Hooray for new content!

We reminisce about Suddenly Heroes (and our hilarious misuse of “fanfic“), argue about MythBusters, and check in with Billy’s progress in Braid. We then move into some… interesting content. If you are easily put off by opinionated, divisive arguments, feel free to steer clear (I did my best to iron out anything blatantly offensive/touchy). Try to enjoy as we stumble through discussion about the upcoming DC and Marvel slates, including some mention of Scarlet Witch vs. Magneto; not sure how we get into such heated debate about minority representation in media based on that… Whoops. But we wrap up with some laidback questions from Dac, which hopefully cuts some of that earlier tension! Listen to Brandon incorrectly paraphrase The Most Ancient Joke In The Book and Billy sing Holy Diver, and then we close with this endearing Canadian news story.

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