Dec 202015

Hey folks! Dac joins Billy and Brandon in this episode to talk about his adventures in Hobbiton. The boys also discuss the new Batman v. Superman trailer, Brandon reviews Krampus, and we cover fascinating topics like the weather, numbers, and kiwis!

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Tune in next time for Data and Poet discussing Jessica Jones! Thanks for listening.

Dec 082015

Hello internet!

This episode, Brandon and Billy jump right into some Batman talk. Covering classic and modern comics, Nolan’s films, and the animated series, all while Billy battles the Arkham Knight (and discovers his true identity! So, spoilers). As if by magic, we happened to record this episode just before the new Dawn of Justice trailer dropped, which would’ve been great to talk about. Oh well, next time!

We’re assembling a new schedule of guests, so be sure to send us an email if you’d like to be on or have something you think we should talk about. Thanks for listening!

Nov 122015


Brandon and Billy are BACK to talk all sorts of shit. We’ve got a lot to catch you folks up on, so tune in and find out about our lives! We last left our heroes in the early days of July… A lot has changed, my friends. A lot has happened in these last four months, and we’re here to tell you (or pointedly not tell you) all about it! Let’s get down to business. (zing!)

In seriousness, we are super stoked to be back. We’ll do our best to get back to doing this regularly; we know that those of you who still listen do so with genuine interest and enjoyment, and for that we thank you dearly. At the end of the day, I just want to keep making the show because I have a great time chatting with Billy and you folks. The fact that there are still people out there who tune in whenever we get around to releasing something… that means more that you know. <3

Thanks for listening.

Nov 062015

Did you think we forgot about you? Actually, come to think of it… Who are you?! Get out of my house!!!

This was recorded LIVE at Toronto: Unconventional 2015 (July 18). There’s a bit of an introduction before this episode explaining a few things, but we’ll leave story time for the next actual episode!

Tune in for updates soon, I promise!! Thanks for listening.

Aug 162015

Hello, dearly listeners! It has been a fucking WHILE. I’ve been sitting on this episode for over a month; I’ll keep the explanation for an upcoming episode. Life has been a bit crazy this summer!

This episode features Rekon and Poet, talking with Brandon and Billy about a whole myriad of topics. We dig into a lot of GoT spoilers (and fan-theory), so be prepared. We answer a ton of questions, talk about Star Trek, cannabis law, dinosaurs, horror movies, weddings… Also, we (read: Brandon) spouts a ton of incorrect facts as though he is an educated person! Rekon also talks about Batman: Arkham Knight (spoiler talk in the stinger).

Game of Thrones Film Theory:

Colorado Weed Documentary:

Tune in next time for the LIVE Toronto: Unconventional show, with Charlie and the Uncon staff!

Thanks for listening. <3